God Is With Us

  • Pastor Jerry Hunt
Truth Talk

God Is With Us

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Are you experiencing uncertain times in your life and maybe you’re wondering what your goanna do, and you’re wondering where God is in all of this. We need to learn to trust God in these times and remember just because we can’t see Him in our situation doesn’t mean that He’s not there. Listen as Pastor Jerry shares; God Is With Us.

  • Work of God
  • Elisha
  • Israel
  • King of Syria
  • prophet
  • army
  • preacher
  • horses
  • chariots
  • Christian
  • Joseph
  • Egypt
  • jail
  • potiphar’s wife
  • Oregon
  • church world
  • Syrian army
  • gates of hell
  • Israelites

2 Kings 6:13-17; Psalm 34:7

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